Children Today Know More About Marriage

Children know a strong marriage when they see one. If you’re a parent and you want a great marriage, look inside. You’ll find 3 rules for loving each other and giving your children a secure foundation.

What would your children say about your marriage?110879

A six-year-old named Freddie was asked, “What ‘s the right age to get married?”

He answered, “No age is good to get married. You’ve got to be dumb to get married.”

To make sure your child has a positive view of marriage, I interviewed loving couples to find out about their marriage bond. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married before. You can make your present marriage a loving one. Below you’ll find out about Mark and Michele and 3 of their rules.

Michele, my cousin, is a pretty petite woman with a bright personality. She married Mark 34 years ago. It was at a family gathering I asked Michele, “What is the bond that keeps you together?”

“Respect,” she said.

“I respect Mark by never forcing him to do what I want. Forcing doesn’t work for anyone.” She offered the following example:111391

“Years ago when Mark hated his job, I supported his finding a new one. I did have one request. ‘Mark,’ I said, ‘please consider our family when you choose your next job.’ He did.”

When I asked Mark, “What is the bond that keeps you together?” he answered, “Commonality of purpose. We make our important decisions together like when to have a child, buy a house, or a car.”

Mark grinned as he told me about their pre-marital counseling.

Father Shaunessy’s advice affected him deeply. In each of the 10 three hour sessions the priest presented one marriage rule. Mark, not being Catholic, listened intently. After 34 years of marriage, Mark easily remembered these 3 rules:

3 Marriage Rules for Loving Couples –

First Marriage Rule – Always say, “please” and “thank-you.”

Saying “please” and “thank-you” is a sign of respect. If you say it sincerely, your partner will feel it. Such respect strengthens your marriage bond. You won’t be taking each other for granted. You won’t be acting like you’re entitled. You will be showing your child how respect makes a marriage better.

Second Marriage Rule – Never go to bed angry.

Going to bed angry keeps you awake. Your mind festers with dark thoughts. You waste time mentally justifying your own actions. The next morning you set the day with those same thoughts. Even your child senses your foul mood. Don’t waste time staying awake. Solve your problems before you sleep.

Third Marriage Rule – Always make sure your partner has money.

The one who handles money best between the two of you might be in charge of paying bills, accounting, etc. That doesn’t mean the money handler is more important. It does mean that the money handler makes sure the other person has money to pay for extras. Your child should never witness you or your spouse begging for pocket money.

Mark’s Final Comment:

“I wrote down all 10 rules. We’ve followed them too. He pulled out a blank check that Michele had given him to pay for his parking the following week. Laughing he added, “Father Shaunessy never guessed Michele would handle the money.”

Conclusion for Parents, Love, and Marriage: That’s all I have to say about that…I hope you enjoyed this article and please, send us your comments.  We’d love to know what you think.

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